Are You Looking for Games to Work During the Off-Season?

Are You Looking for Games to Work During the Off-Season?

There are plenty of games for everyone to work during the off-season to keep your officiating skills from getting rusty, to help you prepare for upcoming camps, to enjoy some time on the court with friends, and of course to make a little $$. Please contact any of the following off-season assignors to find what fits your schedule with off-season leagues and tourneys:


2017 Offseason Camps Page Updated

The 2017 Offseason Camps Info page has been updated.  Be sure to check out the Offseason Camps Info page here:  OFFSEASON CAMPS 2017

Camps are important every year for continuing offseason training, to stay current with officiating trends, and receive feedback from top officials.  Everyone can improve their skills. There are numerous camps offered during the summer.

Don’t forget to apply for a camp scholarship.  Scholarships are open to current members of Denver Area 8 in good standing. Scholarships are paid out as a reimbursement AFTER camp attendance has been confirmed, you must pay in advance for the camp you wish to attend.  See the Scholarship Application page for the application and all rules and requirements for camp scholarships.

IAABO Insurance Program

IAABO offers a voluntary (not mandatory) insurance program for all officials who are members of IAABO.  In order to participate in the insurance program, you must have paid your dues for the current year and be registered with IAABO.  The insurance program covers medical costs AFTER your own insurance in the case of injury.  It also covers game fee reimbursement (the insurance that we receive from NFHS does not cover lost game fees), as well as General Liability.

The insurance period is from May to May.  The cost for the year of coverage is only $7.50 per individual.  Please consider this insurance as it is a great value!  For more info on this insurance, please click here >>> IAABO Insurance Program

If you would like to sign up for this insurance, please send your check made out to “Denver Area 8” with “IAABO Insurance” in the memo line for the complete total of $7.50.  You can send it to the Area 8 P.O. Box:  Area 8 Officials, P.O. Box 3395, Centennial, CO  80161-3395.

**If you have any questions regarding the IAABO Insurance program, please contact Dr. Ron Brown, IAABO Liaison –