Be Your Own Agent

Be Your Own Agent:

Many of you have asked how you can change your ranking, get more games, and how you can better your schedule. There is no one key ingredient, but several factors that go into it…however, one of the biggest things is advocating for yourself – Be your own agent. Below is a link for an excellent article in the March Referee magazine that hits on this very subject. It is not something that is unique to just high school basketball officials, but to officials in every sport at every level. If you expect to get certain things, YOU have to make sure that YOU are doing certain things…no one can do them for YOU!

Two very important aspects that are not mentioned in detail in this article are rules knowledge and attending camps (it’s part of the “hard, hard work” mentioned in the article). These 2 things are of extreme importance for you to continue to learn and grow as an official. We are only as good as the knowledge we gain. If we do not continually do something to improve ourselves, we become stagnant or level off.

Click here for the article >>>  Be Your Own Agent

Annual Colorado Board #4 Awards Banquet


Let’s Celebrate!!!

Please join us in honoring some very deserving officials, including this year’s state tournament championship officials, the Terry Schiessler Memorial Award winner, and many other individuals from around the state at the Annual Colorado Board #4 Awards Banquet.

We would love to see everyone at the State Banquet on April 17, 2016 in Denver at 5 pm at Two Penquins Tap & Grill. It is a fun evening and we get to see our fellow officials honored.

Please click here for an online registration and payment form:  2016 Colorado Board 4 Online Banquet Registration Form

Please click here for a PDF version of the registration and payment form:  2016 Colorado Board 4 Banquet Invitation

If you have any questions, please contact Sandy Sundine,

Hospitality Area at Coliseum for 3A Finals


The hospitality area at the Denver Coliseum was a huge success and many officials from around the state who worked games for the 3A Boys and Girls finals were very appreciative of everything that was provided for them.

Area 8 would like to say a BIG Thank You to the following individuals for helping out, we couldn’t have done this without these people graciously giving of their time and resources.

Ben Kuchta (manager of Great Beginnings Cafe) donated sandwiches
Mark Cattau (manager of Chick-Fil-A in Parker) donated wraps and chicken minis
Mike Curnow contacted Chick-Fil-A and Walmart in Castle Rock and got LOTS of food donated
Brian Wilson volunteered at the Coliseum all 3 days and donated drinks and snacks
Steve Kohlts volunteered at the Coliseum, transported all of our supplies and set up the hospitality area on Thursday
Barett Palmer volunteered at the Coliseum and helped set up
Bob Chainhalt volunteered 2 days at the Coliseum and donated snacks
Scott Halpin volunteered at the Coliseum and donated to provide snacks
Ken Case volunteered at the Coliseum
Christopher Dulmes volunteered 2 days at the Coliseum
Rob Semin volunteered 2 days at the Coliseum and provided drinks and snacks
Jeff LaGrange volunteered 2 days at the Coliseum and provided ice
Steve Stewart donated to provide snacks and drinks

Thanks to all of you for helping to put this together in a short amount of time!

This will be something that Area 8 will provide annually if the 3A Finals are again hosted at the Coliseum in the future.

Denise Lopez
Denver Metro Regional Director


Congratulations go to the following individuals:

Barett Palmer – Barett has been elected as the new Area Director for Denver Area 8.  His term begins June 1st and runs through May 31st, 2019.

Adrian Rivas – Adrian has been elected as the Terry Schiessler Memorial Award winner for the best newly certified official in the Denver Metro Area.

Voting for Area Director, Regional Director, and Terry Schiessler Memorial Award

Voting for Area Director, Regional Director, and the Terry Schiessler Memorial Award is now open. The Terry Schiessler Memorial Award is given annually to the best newly certified (patched) official in Denver Area 8.

Once logged into your Denver Area 8 Arbiter account #104617, click on “Profile” in the upper right, then click on “Custom Fields” on the left, then scroll down to the section for Den. Area 8 and find the drop down boxes for Area Director, Regional Director, and the Schiessler Award. Vote for one for each.  Make sure you click on “Save” before exiting. Voting will close on February 29th.


Denver Seminary Meeting TIME CHANGE

Denver Seminary has been gracious enough to allow us to change the meeting time for this Sunday, February 7th.


Please make sure you attend your required February meetings.  The meetings for Monday, February 8 at Overland HS and Thornton HS will still happen at their regularly scheduled times of 7 pm.


Your Area Directors,
Donovan, Jeff, Rob, and Denise

Area Director Nominees

Area Director Nominees:

We have 3 Area Director Nominees for the 3 year term that begins June 1, 2016 and runs through May 31, 2019.  All nominees will be presenting their platforms and answering questions at the February General meeting at Overland HS on Monday, February 1st.  The voting will begin the week after the February General meeting and will be done through the Denver Area 8 Arbiter account.  An email will be sent out when the voting is ready.

Jennifer Hill – You can read her Bio and Platform by clicking here >>> Jennifer Hill Platform

Jennifer Hill







Rich Halvey – You can read his Bio and Platform by clicking here >>> Rich Halvey Platform



Barett Palmer – You can read his Bio and Platform by clicking here >>> Barett Palmer Platform












Officials vs Cancer Pink Whistle Week

Our annual Officials vs Cancer Pink Whistle Week is January 25-30, 2016.  All officials are encouraged to wear their pink whistles during their games during this week.

All officials are encouraged to make a donation to our Officials vs Cancer fund which goes directly to the American Cancer Society on behalf of the Denver Area 8 officials.  Any amount is accepted, but the suggested donation is $40 per official.  Please make your checks payable to “American Cancer Society” and write “CO Bd4, Denver Area 8” in the memo line.  You may turn in your check at any meeting, to any of the area directors, to David Hirshman – our Cancer committee chairperson, or to Kevin Meador – our Denver Area 8 treasurer.  All donations need to be turned in by February 15th. Remember, your donations go directly to the American Cancer Society and are tax deductible.  The American Cancer society will send you a receipt for tax purposes.

Please contact David Hirshman directly if you would like a big pink whistle to gather donations at your games.  His email is

Please click here for an announcement to give to the game announcer at your games >>> Officials vs Cancer Announcement

Rules Questions/Observations from the 1st half of the Season

Dave Smith, our Colorado Board 4 Rules Interpreter has distributed these rules questions/observations from the 1st half of the season.  If you have any further questions regarding these rules questions or any other rules questions, please contact your Area rules interpreter.  The Denver Area 8 rules interpreter is Denise Lopez.

1.  Legal and Illegal Use of the Forearm or Arm Bar.
While the use of the forearm or arm bar is primarily a defensive tactic, the same principles apply to offensive players as well.  Rule 10-6-12.b makes it illegal and automatic foul to place an “extended” arm bar on an opponent with the ball both on the perimeter and in the post.  The contact rule prohibits players from extending their arms, other than vertically, to hinder the freedom of movement of an opponent. (Rule 4-24-6)  A forearm or arm bar that is within a player’s vertical space is legal.  Contacting an opponent without the ball with a forearm or arm bar that is extended beyond a player’s vertical space that is not incidental as defined in Rule 4-27 is illegal.
2.  Undershirts
The undershirt rule is different than the tights rule.  Undershirts must be the same color as the game jersey and a single solid color. Different colored stitching is not allowed and undershirts may not have a visible manufacturer’s logo.  Under shirts can be either short or long sleeved, provided both sleeves are the same length.  The sleeves must be hemmed and cannot have ragged edges.  (Rule 3-5-6)
3.  Tights/Sleeves
Tights must be a single solid color (no different color stitching).  Permitted colors are black, white, beige or the predominate color of the jersey.  They must be the same color for all players and must be the same color as any headbands or wristbands worn. (Rule 3-5-3) They may have one visible manufacturer’s logo that meets the 2 1/4 inch requirement as found in Rule 3-6.
4.  Headbands
Headbands are anything that goes around the head and must meet the requirements found in Rule 3-5-4.  To see a visual of what is a headband and what is a hair control device that was published by the NFHS, please click here >>> Headband or see below.
5.  Protective Headbands
As Bert previously sent out, “The CHSAA currently does not allow for waivers of headgear products and does not consider such products as appropriate for the prevention or management of concussion in non-helmeted sports. Currently, soft headgear products may be worn in non-helmeted sports whose rules allow for such optional equipment. Current research does not demonstrate that soft headgear is capable of protecting against concussion. CHSAA will continue to monitor developments in this area and consider adjustments to its position should valid scientific evidence arise.”
6.  Ear Buds
Based on Rule 3-7, ear buds are not permitted during pregame warm up.  Like jewelry or anything else that is illegal, once removed the player may participate in the warm up.
 Thank you!
Dave Smith


Upcoming January 2016 Meetings

Here is the schedule of upcoming January 2016 meetings:
Monday, January 4, 2016 – General Meeting at 7 pm at Overland HS in the cafeteria
Sunday, January 10, 2016 – Area Meeting at 7 pm at Denver Seminary
Monday, January 11, 2016 – Area Meetings at 7 pm at Overland HS and Thornton HS

Please remember you are required to attend at least one of these meetings in January!