Scholarship Application 2018

Denver Area 8 is administering multiple scholarships in 2018 to current active Denver Area 8 members.

To qualify you must be a current member in good standing of Colorado Board #4 and Denver Area 8 (***Dues for the current season must be paid by the dues deadline) and you must submit the application before the deadline of APRIL 15th!   

(OPEN) $100 Open scholarships to be used at the camp of your choice – Scholarships are paid out AFTER you attend the camp and your attendance is confirmed.

You must select which camp you would like to attend OR the order of the camps you would like to be considered for, please use the words in the parenthesis to designate. Only 1 scholarship will be awarded per person. If you’ve been awarded a scholarship previously that does not discount you from receiving another one.  However, it will be looked at in order of:  did you participate in the Schiessler Tourney to help earn the scholarship money, did you pay your current dues on time, have you been awarded multiple scholarships before, and which camp are you asking for?

The scholarship winners will be announced by the end of April by email.  You will be reimbursed AFTER proof of attending the camp has been presented by the camp director. In other words, payments will not occur until after the camps have been attended and will usually be paid out by the end of July or early August.

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