Nominations will be sought for the new 2018 Area 8 Director starting Tuesday, Jan 2, 2018.

Regional Director nominations will be taken in January 2018.

All candidates will be given an opportunity to present their platform at the February 5th general meeting and they will be posted on the website for all members to learn about before voting.

If you are interested in representing your officiating peers of Denver please consider these items before submitting your nomination:

Area Director Responsibility and expectations:

  1. Adherence to and knowledge of their local, state and national Constitution and By-Laws. Each area is required to have a copy of their local constitution if they have one, on file with the Secretary and/or Officials office at CHSAA.
  2. Act as the conduit for information exchange for members in the Area and between the directors given Area and the Region.
  3. Expected to take a leadership role in representing their area within their region on regional and local matters.
  4. They are the voice of the Board of Directors in their home Area.
  5. They play a role in conflict resolution if a matter cannot be decided between members within their given Area.
  6. They are responsible for assisting or organizing their regions master clinic annual meeting should it be that Area’s turn to host.
  7. The Area Director is required to participate in the State Board of Directors Meetings held annually each September.
  8. Area Directors are required to provide Area updates to the Regional Director to take to the State Executive Meetings.
  9. The Area Director has one of up to 48 votes on the State Board of Directors.
  10. Area Directors are elected to serve a three year term.
  11. Must be elected from the Area that they represent and be a member in good standing at a minimum.
  12. Shall respond in a timely and professional manner to all correspondence from the CHSAA office, Executive Committee and State Committees.
  13. Collect and submit a list of officials from the area for post season consideration.  It is imperative that the prescribed guidelines as developed by CHSAA are met.
  14. Each Area must host a minimum of 6 meetings during the basketball season.  At least 5 of these meetings must pertain to rules study and officiating procedures.
    1. Establish meeting dates and locations
    2. Keep all meeting attendances
    3. Compilation of records on required examination, collection of monies and maintenance of records on each member in their area.
    4. Notify the Secretary and/or CHSAA Officials office when a member fails to meet the obligations of minimum membership of the local board.
  15. Administration of the certification examination in accordance with the policy established by CO Board #4.  Integrity of the exam is of the utmost importance as it needs to be consistent state-wide.
    1. Remittance of the exam to CHSAA by the day following the administration of the test.
    2. Sending all applicable forms and collected monies to CHSAA by the next business day.
  16. Administer and grade the approved IAABO Refresher test for all the previously registered officials in your area.
  17. Establish a local recruiting program to encourage qualified individuals to become members of your Area and Colorado Board #4.
  18. Area 8 Directors will have exclusive duties to their Area above and beyond the general expectations listed above that should be outlined below and passed on to new Area Directors.
    1. Assist with Schiessler Tournament, our largest fund raiser
    2. Organize agendas for the meetings
    3. Participate in financial budgeting
    4. Participate in annual membership review for Arbiter
    5. Assist assigners with Arbiter Auto-Assign procedures (Not act as assigners, but assist all assigners with procedures)
    6. Learn how to utilize Arbiter for assignments, membership purposes, voting etc
    7. Learn how to use the Area 8 official website to update information
    8. Participate as Liaison to specific committees
    9. Organize new officials floor mechanics/exam weekend
    10. Act as champion for Area 8 members with CHSAA and Assigners, and vice versa
    11. Attend director planning meetings
    12. Help select scholarship recipients
    13. Assist with Area 8 camp or IAABO schools
    14. Offer direction and guidance to Area 8 committees
    15. Other duties not mentioned


Regional Director Responsibility and expectations:

  1. Act as the conduit of information exchange between the Areas represented in the specific region and Colorado Board #4.
  2. Expected to take a leadership role in representing each area within their region on state, regional and local matters.
  3. They are the voice of the Executive Board in their home region.
  4. They play a role in conflict resolution if a matter cannot be decided within a given Area.
  5. Should a resolution to a situation not be reached at the Area level, it is the Regional Directors responsibility to take the matter to the Executive board for further clarification and resolution.
  6. They are responsible for organizing their regions master clinic annual meeting.
  7. The Regional Director is required to participate in all State Executive Committee and Board of Director Meetings.
  8. Regional Directors are required to provide regional updates to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee.
  9. The Regional Director has one of 11 votes on the State Executive Committee.
  10. Regional Directors are elected to serve a two year term.
  11. They must be elected from the Region that they represent and preferred that they have previously served as an Area Director.

Procedures for regional elections start with nominations in each area of that specific region and all nominees will be included on a ballot.  Ballots will be mailed from the Officials office at CHSAA with the annual dues notice in February.  Ballots must be returned by the specified closing date prior to May 1.  The Officials’ Administrative Assistant is responsible for counting the ballots returned and notifying the President of the results.  The position will be announced before but no later than May 1.

The Colorado Board #4 By-Laws state that nominees for Regional Director must be a member in good standing that were, or are currently, Area Directors within that region.  If none of these members are available or willing to serve, the Executive Committee shall nominate a candidate from the active membership of IAABO Board #4.

As of 2009/2010 electronic balloting for the Regional Director position will be allowed.

The 6 year Presidential position (2 years each as President-Elect, President and Past President) will be filled by the Regional Director from the region whose alternating turn it is for that position at that point in time.  President-Elect positions alternate in the order of Metro, South, North, and West.

2005                West                           Randy Hunt

2007                Metro                          John Fochi

2009                South                          Bob Lantzy

2011                North                          Paul Webber

2013                West                          Steve Braslin

2015                Metro                         Dave Renquest

2017               South                          Kevin Kizewski

2019               North                           Eric Johnson

2021               West

2023               Metro